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No Committee Name Teaching faculties Non-teaching staff Roles & Responsibilities Frequency
1 CDC “1.Hon. Shri. Adv. Shri. Neel Helekar, Chairman
2. Dr. Shriram Nerlekar, CEO DES 3. Dr. Pawar D.V., Finance Controller
4. Dr. M.B. Kekare, Member
5. Dr. Minal Mapuskar, Member
6. Ms. Prajakta Pradhan, Member 7. Mrs. Usha Marathe, Special Invitee
8. Mr. Prasad Parulekar, Special Invitee
9. Smt. Bobade Anita P., Teaching Staff – MMS
10. Dr. Sawant Renuka Suyog, Teaching Staff – MMS
11. Smt. Gaje Apeksha Satish, Teaching Staff – MCA
12. Shri. Pratik Desai, Teaching Staff – MCA
13. Mrs. Snehal Dhumak, Member Non Teaching
14. Smt. Mallya Rasika S., Co-ordinator IQAC
15. President, Students council
16. Secretary, Students council
17. Dr. Khamkar Samadhan, Director, Secretary CDC”
Once in a quarter
2 IQAC “Dr. Samadhan Khamkar, Chairperson
Dr. D.V. Pawar, Management Representative
Shri. Sunil Mehta, Industry Representative
Shri. Sanket Kulkarni, Alumni Representative
Shri 대장금 다운로드. Premanand Ghag, NGO Representative
Mrs. Sulakshana Vispute, MCA Staff Representative
Mr. Pratik Desai, MCA Staff Representative
Mr. Rahul Wadekar, MMS Staff Representative
Mrs. Snehal Dhumak, Non-Teaching Staff Representative
Dr. Shamala Muzumdar, Librarian
Dr. Rasika Mallya, Coordinator”
“a)Ensure clarity and focus in institutional functioning towards quality enhancement;
b) Ensure internalization of the quality culture;
c) Ensure enhancement and coordination among various activities of the institution and institutionalize all good practices d) Provide a sound basis for decision-making to improve institutional functioning;
e) Act as a dynamic system for quality changes in HEIs;
f) Build an organised methodology of documentation and internal communication.”
Once in a quarter
3 Students Council “Mayur Naik (President, Students Council), Vighnesh Khale (Secretary, Students Council), Pratik Shitole 1. Virendra Bagwe
2. Priyanka Patil 2. Sagar Bomble
3. Abhishek Shetty 3. Smit Pusalkar”
4 Students’ Development Cell Dr. Rasika Mallya (Chairman), Mrs. Shamala Muzumdar, Mr. Pritam Warke, Mr. Premanand Ghag, Mrs. Vaze, President, Students Council and Secretary, Students Council 1. intermediary between teachers and students 2. Suggestions for overall development of Institute 3. Conducting College Events 4. Assisting teachers in Inter-Institute events and industrial visits 5. Maintaining discipline in environment Twice in a year
5 Women Development Cell Dr. Anita Bobade (Convenor), Ms. Swapnali Mahadik, Dr. Samadhan Khamkar, Dr. Shamala Mujumdar, Dr. Urmila Sarkar, Dr. Suvarna Rawal
“1. To encourage female students to be self-reliant and economically independent noon vr 다운로드.
2. To instill positive self-esteem and confidence in the female students so that they can take the right decision in and for-their lives.
3. Spreading awareness among the students about the social, legal and constitutional rights of women in order to prevent the exploitation based on gender.
4. Making females cognizant about different kinds of violence – sexual, physical and mental – to further equip them with the knowledge and strength to fight against them.
5. Creating awareness about the need for gender equality.
6. Providing equal career opportunities to all the genders.
Twice in a year
6 Committee for SC/ST Dr. Leena Sonawane (Chairman), Mr. Rahul Wadekar , Ms. Swapnali Mahadik, Mr. Ganesh Bhagwat 1. Analyze information on admissions, results, trainign and employment of SC and ST students. 2. Functions as grievence redressal cell for SC/St students Twice in a year
7 Internal Complaint Committee to prevent sexual harassement of woman at workplace Dr. Sulakshana Vispute (Chairman), Dr. Anita Bobade, Dr. Leena Sonawane, Dr. Samadhan Khamkar, Dr. Urmila Sarkar 1. To develop policy against sexual harrasement of women at the Institute 조용필 mp3 다운로드. 2. To evolve a permanent mechanism for the prevention and redressal of sexual harrasement cases and other acts of gender-based violence at the Institute Thrice in a year
8 Grievence Redressal Committee “Adv.Neel Helekar (Chairman),
Dr. D.V. Pawar,
Dr. Rasika Mallya (Convenor), Mr. Pritam Warke, Mr. Girish Jadhav”
1. To look into complaints launched by students, judge its merit. 2. To provide responsible, accountable and easily accessible mechanism for settlement of grievences. Twice in a year
9 Anti-Ragging Committee “1. Dr. Samadhan Khamkar , Chairman
2. Mr. Ganesh Bhagwat (Convenor) 3. Dr. Rasika Mallya
Mrs. Snehal Dhumak 1. To ensue compliance with provision of UGC regulation 2009 at the Institute level. 2. To monitor and observe the campus of the Institute in prevention of ragging in the Institute. Twice in a year
10 Unfair Means Committee Dr. Samadhan Khamkar (Chairman), Dr. Rasika Mallya, Dr. Renuka Savant (Convenor) “1. To investigate the cases of students involved in unfair means during examinations and
reported by the Examination committee
2) To recommend action(s) (if any) to the Principal regarding unfair practices
3) To conduct transparent and unbiased investigation against any unfair means case
4) To counsel the student(s) indulging in unfair means to avoid any drastic step being taken”
Twice in a year
11 Alumni Cell
Dr fortify 다운로드. Kasturi Naik (Convenor),
Ms. Apeksha Gaje,
Mrs. Deepa Honrao”
Mrs. Megha Bhogle “1. to enable the alumni to play a pro-active role in the day to day functioning of college, its student initiatives and events . 2. To enhance educational experience at the Institute and promote brand of DES’s NMITD in business world environment.

Twice in a year
12 Research Advisory Board Dr. M.B. Kekare Dr. Shriram Nerlekar Dr. Samadhan Khamkar (Convenor) Dr. Anita Bobade Dr. Kasturi Naik Dr. Rasika Mallya Dr. Leena Sonawane “1. To provide policy guidelines and to streamline the process of developing research proposals.
2. To establish mechanisms for coordinating research at different levels and give direction for the growth and development of research activities.
3. To advice on thrust areas and disciplines for research activities for future development in research.
4. To advise to improve the existing infrastructural facilities both for academic and sponsored research and enhancing research ambiance.
5. To facilitate grant writing and identify the funding agencies.
Twice in a year
13 Research & Development Cell Dr. Kasturi Naik (Convenor), Dr. Samadhan Khamkar, Dr. Rasika Mallya, Mr. Rahul Wadekar “1. To identify and recommend research collaboration with reputed research institutes / centers Windows 8.1 genuine download.
2. To establish training program and research related academic activities. 3. To conduct Research Conferences “
Once in a quarter

Internal Committees

1 Admission committee Dr. Samadhan Khamkar (Convenor), Dr. Anita Bobade, Dr. Rasika Mallya, Mr. Pritam Warke, Mr. Rahul Wadekar Mrs. Snehal Dhumak Define strategy, Gather and maintain database Admission Period
2 Counseling, ARC & FC Mr. Pritam Warke (Convenor) Mr. Rahul Wadekar, Mrs. Snehal Dhumak, Mrs. Megha Bhogale Generating lists of prospective students, sending sms emails, ,telephonic follow up, Counselling, and maitaining database Admission Period
3 AICTE, DTE, University Communication Dr. Samadhan Khamkar, Dr. Rasika Mallya Mrs. Snehal Dhumak
4 Event & cultural Dr. Sulakshana Vispute (Convenor), Dr. Renuka Savant , Mr. Pratik Desai Mrs. Leena Sonawane, Ms. Shubhangi Chavan Independence day, founders day, republic day, RooBaRoo, convocation, Induction programme for MCA and MMS new admissions As per events
5 Attendance & Defaulters Mrs.Sulakshana Vispute (Convenor), Mr. Rahul Wadekar  Mrs. Megha Bhogale Keeping a check on attendance of students, generating defaulters lists, mailing letters to the defaulters, telephonic follow up, conveying parents meeting if required, Generating list of fee defaulters, reminders and letters/emails to parents Once in a month
6 Placement Cell Mr. Girish Jadhav (Convenor), Mrs. Deepa Honrao, Ms. Apeksha Gaje Dr. Leena Sonawane Mr. Sandesh Divekar Co-ordinating the placement activities 유튜브 특정구간 다운로드. Once in a month
7 Lab & Technical Infrastructure Mrs. Deepa Honrao (Convenor), Ms. Apeksha Gaje 1. Mr. Sunil Jadhav 2. Mr. Prakash Jadhav Lab maintenance, Renewing software licences, maitenance of LCDs, speakers, printers, laptops Once in a quarter
8 Feedback Committee Dr. Samadhan Khamkar (Convenor), Dr. Rasika Mallya, Ms. Swapnali Mahadik, Mr. Rahul Wadekar Mrs. Leena Sonawane Taking timely feedback of faculties, infrastructure, placements, library Twice in a semester
9 Academics Coordination Committee Dr. Renuka Savant (Convenor), Dr. Sulakshana Vispute, Dr. Shamala Mujumdar, Mr. Prakash Pilke Designing academic calender, scheduling exams, preparing time tables, Co-ordinating with visiting faculties Once in a semester
10 Exam Committee,ERP & Result “Dr. Renuka Savant (Convenor-MMS), Mr. Rahul Wadekar, Dr. Sulakshana Vispute, (Convenor-MCA),
Ms. Swapnali Mahadik”
Mrs. Snehal Dhumak, Mrs. Megha Bhogale, Dr. Leena Sonawane “Exam time table, exam stationary, sitting arrangements, Daily exam work – Question paper priting, sealing answer books
Entering marks data, validation, displaying results, getting marksheets printed,Maitaining toppers’ listsupervision charts, “
Prior to exam
11 Unfair Means Committee Dr. Samadhan Khamkar , Dr. Rasika Mallya (Convenor) Mrs. Snehal Dhumak To take appropraite action against the unfair practices in exam, Assigning examiners, maintening inventory Twice in a year
12 Central Assessment Programme (CAP) Mrs Oracle blob download. Sulakshana Vispute (Convenor), Dr. Renuka Savant Mrs. Darshana Dhuri
13 Website & Social Media Committee Ms. Apeksha Gaje (Convenor, SM) Mr. Pratik Desai (Convenor – Web) Mr. Sunil Jadhav Updating institute website, updating social media pages Once in a quarter
14 Library Committee Dr. Samadhan Khamkar, Dr. Anita Bobade , Mr. Ganesh Bhagwat, Dr. Shamala Mujumdar (Convenor) Dr. Leena Sonawane, Mrs. Darshana Dhuri 1. Ordering books, journals, subscribing databases, maintaining records 2. Conduct various library activities for students as well as faculty members Once in a quarter
15 Add-On Courses / Seminar / Workshop Dr. Samadhan Khamkar (convenor), Dr. Anita Bobade, Mrs. Deepa Honrao, Dr. Rasika Mallya, Mr. Girish Jadhav Megha Bhogle Arranging departmental workshops, Designing add-on courses, conducting guest sessions Once in a semester
16 Infrastructure Prof. Pritam Warke (convenor) Mr. Prakash Jadhav Timely inspection of labs, rooms, passages, projectors, water tanks, terrace
17 Innovation & Creativity “Dr. Kasturi Naik (convenor), Mr. Pratik Desai “ Mr. Shailesh Chavan
Mrs. Megha Bhogale
Once in a semester
18 Discipline Committee Mrs Download cube movies. Deepa Honrao, (Convenor), Dr. Samadhan Khamkar Mr. Girish Jadhav Mr. Prasad Kulkarni, Mr. Shailesh Chavan, Mr. Prakash Jadhav 1. To restrict use of mobiles in lectures and practicals, 2. To maintain descipline related to id-cards, uniform, bahaviour etc. Once in a semester
19 Social Learning & Industrial Visits Mr. Pritam Warke (Convenor), Dr. Anita Bobade Ms. Poonam Bhosale, Mr. Sandesh Divekar Scheduling Industrial visits, identifying location, collecting money, itenerary finalisation Prior to IV
20 NAAC Peer Committee Dr. Samadhan Khamkar (Convenor), Prof. Rasika Mallya (IQAC Coordinator) , Dr. Renuka Savant (NAAC Coordinator), Ms. Swapnali Mahadik (Documentation Incharge) Planning & Execution of NAAC process Once in a month
21 NBA Peer Committee (MCA) Dr. Samadhan Khamkar (Convenor), Dr. Rasika Mallya (IQAC Coordinator), Mrs. Apeksha Khopkar ( NBA Co-ordinator), Mrs. Swapnali Mahadik (Documentation Incharge) Planning & Execution of NAAC process NBA Process
22 E-cell Dr. Samadhan Khamkar, Mr. Girish Jadhav(Convenor), Ms.Apeksha Gaje, Dr. Anita Bobade 1. To encourage students to start their own enterprise 2. To conduct offline and online workshops and events for imbibing the spirit of enterprise 3. To develop and implement ecosystem for innovations
23 IPR Cell “Dr youtube videos from your mac. Anita Bobade (Convenor),
Ms. Apeksha Gaje”
Once in a semester
24 MDP & Consultancy Dr. Kasturi Naik(Convenor), Dr. Renuka Savant, Mrs. Deepa Honrao 1. To explore opporutnities for MDP for the Institute. 2. To conduct MDPs with the help of other staff members and outside experts. once in a semester
25 Magazine/ Annual Report/ Newsletter / Routine Activities Report Committee Dr. Anita Bobade, Dr. Rasika Mallya, Mrs. Apeksha Khopkar (Convenor), Mr. Pratik Desai 1. To collect articles/event reports from students and staff members. 2. To coordinate with publisher and designer for magazine, newletter and annual report twice in a semester
26 ISR Committee Mr. Pratik Desai (Convenor) Dr. Anita Bobade Dr. Sulakshana Vispute 1. To organize various events for ISR 2. To inculcate sense of community engagement and social learning among students and staff of the institute. twice in a semester
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